Lotus Petal Sr. Secondary SchoolCould be largest school for underpriviledged children in India
Khasra No, 12/2 Dhunela Berka Road, Village Dhunela Sector-31, Tehsil Sohna Gurgaon – 122103, Haryana (India)
UDISE No. 06184100659  Recognition No. PSR032022785
Session 2023-24
Phone No.: 9810589438
Email: admin.lpsss@lotuspetalfoundation.org

The Students Council is elected each year where students are selected for leadership roles in the field of academics, sports, art, management, etc. The purpose of assigning roles and responsibilities to students is to develop a sense of responsibility and motivate students to take up leadership roles.

Grade Position Name
8th School Captain Boy Himanshu
8th School Captain Girl Kriti Kumari
8th Sports Captain Boy Akash
8th Sports Captain Girl Sanjana
7th Vice School Captain Boy Aryan
7th B Vice School Captain Girl Khushi Sarkar
7th B Vice Sports Captain Boy Adarsh
7th B Vice Sports Captain Girl Kajal
8th Ideal House Captain Ragini
8th Humble House Captain Manu
8th Loyal House Captain Abhishek
8th Noble House Captain Adtiya Raj
8th Eco club Prefect Neeraj Soni
7th B Science & Analytical Club Prefect Rajnandni
7th B Art & Craft Club Prefect Laxmi
7th B Social Welfare club Prefect Sandhya
drop out Yoga club prefect Adtiya Parmar
8th Language Cub prefect Suraj
8th Ek bharat Shresth Club prefect Adtiya Jha
7th A Cultural Club Prefect Rustam Yadav
3A Academic Prefect Anuskha Kumari
Discipline Prefect Anjali Sahu
Duty Prefect Divyanshu
3B Academic Prefect Varsha rani
Discipline Prefect Divya Sharma
Duty Prefect Ruchi
3C Academic Prefect Tanya Mall
Discipline Prefect Deepanshu
Duty Prefect Vinayak
4A Academic Prefect Diksha priya
Discipline Prefect Ayush pal
Duty Prefect Sanjana
4B Academic Prefect Sahjeb
Discipline Prefect Deepa Kumari
Duty Prefect Bharti
4C Academic Prefect Deva
Discipline Prefect Preeti Kumari
Duty Prefect Kamini
5A Academic Prefect Nasrin
Discipline Prefect Laxmi
Duty Prefect Kajal
5B Academic Prefect Ekta
Discipline Prefect Khushi
Duty Prefect Reet
5C Academic Prefect Manu pratap
Discipline Prefect Vikash
Duty Prefect Kirat
6A Academic Prefect Adtiya
Discipline Prefect Raginee
Duty Prefect Sakshi
6B Academic Prefect Seema
Discipline Prefect Sonali
Duty Prefect Jatin
7A Academic Prefect Disha
Discipline Prefect Akashat
Duty Prefect Roshini
7B Academic Prefect Sabina
Discipline Prefect Kundan
Duty Prefect Sujal
8 Academic Prefect Raghav
Discipline Prefect Gunjan
Duty Prefect Divya Prakash